Business Services

Below are the list of Business Services  that we currently provide. To clear up any confusion about more specific details of our services, feel free to take advantage of our free live help.

Articles of Amendment Update information to your articles by filing articles of amendment with the state. Business Annual Report Annual reports are required by many states. Create your annual report now! Business Compliance Calendar Take advantage of this helpful online tool to manage upcoming deadlines for your company. By Laws Draft the rules of operation for your corporation with our bylaws and resolutions software. Certificate of Good Standing Obtain proof that your corporation is in good standing with all state and tax requirements. Certified Copies of Documents We can help you obtain official copies of any document that your company has filed with the state. These copies are certified by the state. Corporation Formation Set up a new corporation and file your articles with the secretary of state. Doing Business As (DBA) Set up a "doing business as" name for your company so you can operate under a different name. Entity Conversion Convert your business into a different entity type with our conversion service. Entity Dissolution Dissolve your company by having us set up and file your articles of dissolution. Entity Name Reservation Reserve your entity name prior to forming your business to ensure that nobody else can use it. Foreign Entity Qualification Let us help you obtain foreign qualification in another state so that your company can legally do business there. Initial Reports Fulfill state requirements (in certain states) by having us create and file your Initial Reports. LLC Formation Set up a new LLC and file your articles with the secretary of state. Non-Profit Set up a new non-profit corporation and file your articles with the secretary of state. Registered Agent Service Get a registered agent for your business